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Life has changed a lot in the last few years. But rest assured with over 40 years building studio office granny flats across Sydney we've got the experience to help you adjust for these modern times.

  • attached and detached Studio office spaces

  • The ideal work from home office

  • Fully customised to your needs

  • Both high and low spec to meet any budget

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Small Space with Huge Potential

Building Sydney's Studio Office Granny Flats before you needed them

Studio Office Granny Flats are perfect for small businesses that need an affordable, flexible office space. We have over 40 years of experience building these types of spaces and can help you create the perfect workspace for your business. Our fully customisable designs will make sure your space is tailored to your needs. And with our 100+ designs, we’re confident you’ll find something that fits perfectly into your budget.

You won’t find another company in Sydney with experience like us when it comes to building studio office granny flats. We know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to creating the ideal office space for any size business. Plus, our full office fit-out ensures everything is ready-to-go once construction has finished so there isn't any downtime or disruptions during the process of setting up shop! It's time to get started on transforming your business today!

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Detached & Attached Granny Flats

A detached granny flat is a standalone secondary dwelling on a block that already contains the main dwelling.  

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1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Granny Flats

Multi-bedroom self-contained granny flats equipped with a study.

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Granny Flats with Garage

A garage is classified as a non-habitable space and can be attached to a granny flat without it being counted as part of the habitable area.

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Single & Two Story Granny Flats

Two story granny flats are starting to become a lot more popular as investors and families are realizing the potential of placing one of these homes in their backyard!

The types of granny flats we build

  • Detached Granny Flats

    A detached granny flat is a standalone secondary dwelling on a block that already contains a main dwelling. Building a detached granny flat can be perfect to use as an investment, as it has a separate entryway to your main house and most often a fence between the two buildings to create more privacy for your family or tenants.

  • Attached Granny Flats

    An attached granny flat is joined to the main dwelling on the property and is designed to fit seamlessly with your home. By altering the orientation of the granny flat we can either maximise your privacy or increase the interaction between the occupants.

  • Granny Flat with Garage

    Did you know you can build a granny flat with a garage attached? Well, you can! The State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP) permits a granny flat to be built with an internal living space of 60m2.

  • Two Story Granny Flats

    Two-story granny flats are starting to become a lot more popular as investors and families are realizing the potential of placing one of these homes in their backyard! Two story granny flats come in different shapes and sizes, however, like single-story granny flats, they are restricted to 60m2 of internal habitable space.

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See what people say about our services!

Kathy LY
Kathy LY
a month ago

Steve and everyone there is truly amazing!
Over the past few years i have built 3 granny flats with Absolute Granny Flats and they have not once disappointed me. Would like to thank everyone there for carrying out such an outstanding service. I am also amazed with the speed of service Absolute team carried out from the point of design to the selection of materials. Highly recommend them

thuy vu
thuy vu
3 months ago

We recently built a granny flat with Absolute Granny Flats and are very satisfied with the quality and speed of the service. Designs and approval were hassle-free. Our site supervisor, Steven, was very understanding, easy to work with and was very quick to rectify any of our concerns.

max soloman
max soloman
a year ago

Great service, I got a good deal on the price and the build quality is excellent. Have recommended to my friends and family

Stuart Fraser
Stuart Fraser
a month ago

We recently built a granny flat with Absolute and had a fantastic experience! They offered quality inclusions in comparison to competitors and were quick to responses. Steve was taking lead throughout the build and kept us informed along the way. He always made time available to us to review the granny flat when it suited our schedule and was quick to address any areas of concern. 

Elizabeth Escandor
Elizabeth Escandor
a week ago

Steve, the director of the company is a very passionate person and happy with the staff. We're happy with the outcome of the granny flat they built for us. The inclusions were of high quality. We are happy to recommend them to other people who are intending to build one for either extra space, to downsize or for additional income.

Gulay Sarac
Gulay Sarac
1 year ago

So far, the construction of our granny flat has gone to plan and we are very happy with the team at Absolute Granny Flats and the feedback they provide. Steve - one of the foreman was very accommodating and helpful all through making the entire project fun and productive. We work across nations and we will be happy to employ their services on our projects overseas.

Muhammad Simanta
Muhammad Simanta
a year ago

Hello Steve, Sometimes I forget to say "thanks"for all the little things Absolute homes have done to construct our dream granny flat!! I want you to know that even when I do not say so, I am so thankful for your wonderful service, caring and willingness to please your clients. You're truly an amazing person! My personal thanks to Dennis who is a tremendous site supervisor and always happy to hear clients. Our Best wishes for the success of your son, the next champion swimmer! Best Wishes from Muhammad & Afroza

Jeanette Ohagan
Jeanette Ohagan
a month ago

Prompt in addressing queries and concerns, quality work without hassles. No great price variations from original quote/agreed amount which means no headache in my bank account! Approachable staff available at every stage of the build whenever I needed clarification. Would work with them again definitely.

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Flexible studio offices in Sydney Build a fully customised space to work from home

Absolute Granny Flats provides an alternative to traditional commercial real estate, enabling businesses to create their own space at a fraction of the cost. Our range of fully-furnished studio apartments are perfect for home offices or as short term accommodation. You can even use our granny flats as holiday homes, rent them out on AirBnB, or use them as student accommodation!

We offer fully furnished studios with everything you need to start working immediately including internet access, furniture and appliances. All you have left to do is move in! With no long leases or expensive renovations required it's easy to get started today.

  • Work from home space

    Our office granny flats allow you to take advantage of every inch of your home while still enjoying the convenience and privacy of separating the work space from the family living space. The best part is that we'll handle everything from start to finish; including designing, building and managing your project.

  • Professional Studio space

    We specialise in building a studio and office spaces for all professions including; artists, writers, musicians, designers or even if you just need some extra space for your growing family.

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Building beautiful Sydney granny flats for the modern family with the right brands.

Granny Flats FAQ

Typically, a one-bedroom granny flat should cost anywhere between $100,000 – $120,000 which includes site costs, design and approvals, build price and standard inclusions, full turnkey ready to move in.

Granny pods vary in cost but typically range between $40,000 to $125,000, depending upon what's included with the granny pod.

A great way to utilise unused space in your backyard is to build a granny flat — not only will it be able to provide additional living space for you and your relatives, but it can also serve as a steady stream of income if you ever decide to rent it out. Granny flats are easy to build and maintain.

If you own the property or have a mortgage on it, it is very likely that you can indeed build a granny flat in your back garden. Planning permission may be required (see below) but in general, there should be no issue. If you rent your home, you will need to discuss any changes like this with your landlord.

New South Wales – From 60 square metres – 100 square metres. The former is a Complying Development, and the latter must be approved by submitting a Development Application.


Looking into building a studio office granny flat for your home but not sure how to go about the process? Absolute Granny Flats specialise in building studio office granny flats and will work with you through the entire process, from concept to actualisation. Our custom studio and office spaces are created to suit your needs, and are designed to be built at a price that you'll love.

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